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Last day of THAI’s Boeing 777-200 (non ER)

THAI was one of the last few major carriers operating the Boeing 777-200 (non ER) and it was only a question of time until their retirement would come true. Mid of March THAI announced to withdraw several aircrafts from service due to the Covid-19 situation. I took an opportunity and decided to pick two flights with their 772 on their last day of operation and I booked a Bangkok – Phuket – Bangkok domestic flight, both scheduled with 772. I have flown the entire TG 772 fleet with the exception of HS-TJA and HS-TJB. Guess it was my lucky days as both flights where operated by one of those two aircrafts. So I was able to “log” the entire 772 non ER fleet on their last day operating.

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HS-TJA at the gate at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi.

202003tg772 05

Parked aircrafts due to Covid-19, a sad sight.

202003tg772 05

Boarding HS-TJA at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi through the front door.

202003tg772 05

The new norm for flying. Everyone had to wear a mask already in March 2020. They crew provided alcohol gel and social distancing was practiced.

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Taxing after pushback.

202003tg772 05

A Boeing 777-300 with the Royal Barge special livery (HS-TKF).

202003tg772 05

Royal Silk Class meal for the breakfast service on this short flight of around 1 hour. Their breakfast on domestic flights in business class it always quite pleasant.

202003tg772 05

Approach into Phuket (HKT). Koh Yao Yai in Phang-nga province. I always enjoy sitting on the left side of the plane when landing on Runway 27. It give you a great view over Phang-nga bay.

202003tg772 05

Approach into Phuket (HKT). Koh Yao Yai in Phang-nga province.

202003tg772 05

HS-TJB at the gate in Phuket (HKT) during boarding.

202003tg772 05

Royal Silk Class meal on the return flight from Phuket to Bangkok. It seemed to be fusion Spaghetti with some Green Curry sauce. It was ok for a domestic flight.

“My” plane taking off back to Bangkok. Picture with courtesy of Simon De Rudder on JetPhotos.

Summary of THAI’s Boeing 777-200 fleet:

Registration / Type / LN / Delivery date / Name / Status

HS-TJA / Boeing 777-2D7 / 25 / 31 March 1996 / Lamphun / parked since March 2020

HS-TJB / Boeing 777-2D7 / 32 / 13 Jun 1996 / Uthaithani / parked since March 2020

HS-TJC / Boeing 777-2D7 / 44 / 25 Oct 1996 / Nakhon Nayok / parked since March 2020

HS-TJD / Boeing 777-2D7 / 51 / 19 Dec 1996 / Mukdahan / parked since March 2020

HS-TJE / Boeing 777-2D7 / 89 / 15 Aug 1997 / Chaiyaphum / stored since Dec 2016

HS-TJF / Boeing 777-2D7 / 95 / 19 Sep 1997 / Phanom Sarakham / stored Dec 2016, scrapped

HS-TJG / Boeing 777-2D7 / 100 / 31 Oct 1997 / Pattani / parked since March 2020

HS-TJH / Boeing 777-2D7 / 113 / 9 Jan 1998 / Suphanburi / parked since March 2020

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