romania 201906 bucharest manastireaortodoxastavropoleos 8580

What to see in one day in Bucharest, Romania

romania 201906 bucharest manastireaortodoxastavropoleos 8580
Stavropoleos Church (see more below)

Wondering what to do during a day in Romanias Capital? No problem and keep on reading. After having visited Bucharest I put a guide together which includes some of the most important spots to see.

Bucharest is the capital of Romania since 1659. The city is the cultural, political and economical center of Romania and has around 1.9 Million habitants. The city is the eight largest in the European Union. Romania is a member of the European Union but not part of Schengen nor a Euro Member. The currency used is the “leu”.

Most travellers arrive at Otopeni Airport which is located north of the city. The easiest way to get to town would be the public bus. Number 780 and 783 run directly to the center. The bus ticket can be purchased at the machine with cash or credit card. Busses run regularly are clean and safe. Another option would be the nearby train station but it can only be reached with a shuttle bus.

romania 201906 bucharest busticket 8572
Bus ticket which needs to be tapped to the sensor for validation when entering the bus.

romania 201906 bucharest bus 8587
Bus service in the center of the city, passing in front the Triumph Arch.

romania 201906 bucharest parliament 8575
My first stop in town was the Parliament building. With 365,000 square metres the largest administrative building in the world. The building is perfectly reflecting the pompous era of Nicolae Ceaușescu. Construction started in the late 80s. Beside the Parliament there are also museums and tours are available to experience the dimensions of that unique complex.

romania 201906 bucharest 8573
Street scene in the center of Bucharest.

romania 201906 bucharest 8574
Park alley leading up to the Parliament building.

romania 201906 bucharest 8576
Contrasts of Bucharest.

romania 201906 bucharest bisericastintiiapostoli 8577
Biserica Sfinții Apostoli Petru și Pavel, one of many churches hidden in Romanias capital. 

romania 201906 bucharest dambovita 8578
Dâmbovița river passing through Bucharest.

romania 201906 bucharest nationalhistorymuseum 8579

romania 201906 bucharest nationalhistorymuseum 8579
The “Old Town” of Bucharest.

romania 201906 bucharest manastireaortodoxastavropoleos 8581
The inside of the beautiful Stavropoleos Church.

romania 201906 bucharest universitateunderground 8583
Underground passing at the University Station.

romania 201906 bucharest herastraupark 8585
Herastrau Park is the biggest park in Bucharest.

romania 201906 bucharest triumphalarch 8586
Triumph Arch (Arcul de Triumf) built in 1936 to commemorate the Romanian War of Independence and the First World War.

romania 201906 bucharest muzeulnationalalsatuluidimitriegusti 8588
Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum is a folk museum consisting of buildings from all different parts of Romania. It’s a great way to see the differences in the way those houses been built. The Museum is located directly in the Herăstrău Park and nearby the Triumph Arch.

romania 201906 bucharest roseisland 8589
Rose Island in the Herastrau Park.

romania 201906 bucharest worldtradecenter 8600

romania 201906 bucharest casapreseilibere 8599


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